How to Apply for a Call Center Job in Manila Philippines

Call Center Job Apply Philippines Manila

How to Apply for a Call Center Job in Manila Philippines – this is a popular topic that is being searched by a lot of Filipinos in the internet. Do you want to know how to apply at a call center in Manila? It is easy to apply. All you need is to know a call center where you can apply to. For a start, you can search for these big names in the industry: Teletech, E-telecare, People Support, Sykes and Convergys. These call centers have established a good reputation in Manila, Philippines already and they have expanded to may cities across the Philippines.

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When you search for them on the internet, you will find the web site where they you can have your online application. For many of these call centers, there is only one web site for all of their branches. For example, Teletech has more than 5 branches in the Philippines and it uses only 1 web site for all of these web sites. When you’re applying here, make sure that you are indicating which branch you are applying to.

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Online Job Application for Call Centers in Manila Philippines

You can also visit a call center near you. Bring your resume with your and apply in person. When you apply in person, you have a bigger chance at being interviewed that same day. When the hiring staff liked your resume, they will immediately schedule you for the initial testing. The test is conducted for them to see if you have solid background in English and the computer.

When you pass the test, you’ll be called in for your final interview. When you pass this interview, you need to have a medical check-up and then when there’s an open position for call center, you can start immediately with the training. It is not as hard as applying for other jobs because there is a big demand for call center agents in the Philippines. When you get hired, you don’t have to search Call Center Job Apply Philippines Manila anymore.

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