3 Common Call Center Ailments

3 Common Call Center Ailments

Working in a call center, most especially in the Philippines, can be one of the most rewarding and fun careers ever. This industry offers one of the highest base pays in the country, coupled with tons of other financial and medical benefits. And the rewards go even higher, with great career growth opportunities and bonuses and commissions.

But for something this good, comes something equally as bad as well. The main hassle in working in a call center would be the shifts – which can wreck one’s body clock. And with one’s system in topsy-turvy, the body can be a target for multiple diseases. So, if you do plan to work in a call center – or are currently working in one – you may want to check up on these ailments, to help you avoid them:


Stress is the number one ailment in working at a call center. You can’t blame the agents, though. Having to speak to irate callers – some even racist – and having to deal with a large work load – some, having to reach large sales quotas – stress is likely relative to an agent’s endurance. Worst case scenarios would involve agents cursing back at callers – which would cost them their jobs – and demotivation.

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Help yourself prevent this from happening to you by starting each day with a smile. Make sure to take each challenge as an opportunity, and never entertain negative energy or complaints from your colleagues. It’ll be hard – but by persevering through it, you can reap more rewards!

Lung Diseases

Call center agents are often associated with cigarette smoking. Try to check it out – most call center agents often hang outside a building, catching a quick smoke during their breaks. Sure, smoking may help relieve stress, but actually, it’s just a state of mind. Cigarette smoking can only lead to more problems, mainly the health kind. Cut the habit now – if you smoke – to save you the trouble from otherwise preventable expenses on medication.


I actually used to work in a call center. That was around 3 years ago. I was a zombie during my term there. Working the graveyard shift has actually turned my body system inside-out, making sleep an unattainable prize. Though I had to beg off my work, dedicated call center agents make sure to adjust their sleeping patterns by taking advantage of power naps. A simple 10 minute nap can actually give you much-needed energy for you to get through a shift.

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Working in a call center sure is rewarding. Just make sure to keep yourself healthy. Have these tips in mind for a safe and wonderful career. Stay healthy, and you’ll be opening up more opportunities for yourself!

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