Some Common Work Injuries

Some Common Work Injuries

Like any busy employee out there, I know how hard and devastating it can be when encountering and experiencing injuries in the work place. No one wants to be part of one! Aside from losing days of actually earning money, you’ll find yourself miserable, with even the chance of attaining bad health. So be careful – we all need to be conscious to avoid these situations! Let’s help each other out. Read on and find out some of the most common work injuries that you may encounter, whether in an office or not:

Slip and Slide

So you’re running late. Heading inside a elevator, frantically pushing buttons, you finally made it to your floor. Still 2 minutes more!, you say to yourself. As you punch your ID in, you whisk yourself in the office. Only, you didn’t notice the pool of spilled coffee on the floor. So you slip on it, slide face first down the concrete. Ouch! Not only will your pride and body be broken, you’ll potentially lose some of precious days of work. Avoid this from happening by always being conscious of your surroundings. It’s better safe than sorry, as they always say.

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My Head hitting onto Something

Some of your files are located under your desk. So you crouch in under your dark cubicle, get the bundle of paper, then stand up. Then you hear a cracking sound in your skull. That of course, can never be a good thing. Whether it’s a hard bang or not, make sure to quickly go for a check-up. Bumps to the head can lead to other worse of bizarre cases. Keep yourself safe always. Make sure you have enough headroom. Again, be aware of your surroundings. You can never be sure if you’ll hit onto something.


So you’re rushing, typing tons of articles. It’s surreal – you sitting down the whole day, clocking in tons of words per minute. Never standing up, it’s just you and your computer screen. As soon as you type the final word, you congratulate yourself, then stand up to raise your hands in victory. Then it happens – a snapping pain on your back. Though you want to get things done, make sure to always go for a stretch. Simply walking, twisting your arms and knees, can move that joints of yours.

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Work injuries can happen everywhere. It takes attention to avoid them – so make sure you’ve got your eyes and ears open at all times. By knowing these common injuries, you can assure yourself of being more aware in your work place. Now, back to your work – and make sure to stay safe!

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