How to get a job at Fed Ex

Whoever among us doesn’t know Fedex? It is synonymous to fast package delivery. Fedex is a billion-dollar company founded by Fred Smith. The idea behind Fedex has been envisioned by its CEO Fred Smith early in his teenage life. The idea is a transportation business that can deliver goods overnight to any place in the United States using cargo planes. It started in 1971 and over the years the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

how to get a job at fed ex

Today, Fedex is servicing not only the whole United States but the whole world: 220 countries and counting. The company makes millions of shipments every day with its more than 400 private cargo aircrafts and 50,000 ground transportation units from bus to motorcycles.

What are the Positions Available at Fed Ex?

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Some of the career opportunities at Fedex are the following:

  • Billing Clerk
  • Package Handler
  • Internal Auditor
  • Courier
  • Distribution Services Specialist

Why Should I Apply For A Career With Fed Ex?

Working for Fedex can be very rewarding both in the career and the personal lives of the employees. The salary is varied and is based on the individual work of each employee. It gives balance to work and personal life by tuition assistance and paid vacations. The company appreciates the employees that work beyond the call of duty. It gives awards for employees that give outstanding service. It also gives deep discounts on package delivery and airfare of the employees.

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