List of Sample Resumes That You Can Actually Copy

Free Resume Sample Waiter

Free Resume Sample Waiter

Who Else to Wants to Get Hired as Waiter? If you want to apply for a waiter position there are many free sample resumes that you can find online. All you need to do is type “free sample waiter resumes” in Google or Yahoo and you will get thousands of results. However, instead of going through the trouble of reading these websites one-by-one, why don’t you just read this article in order to gain knowledge on how to properly write your resume?

When applying for a waiter position, you have to prove that you are a good cook. Taking a course on culinary arts (especially if this was not your college degree) will give your resume a huge boost. If this is not possible, then you should identify your prior work experiences as cooks in other restaurants, cruises, etc.

If you are looking for an entry level job, then the least you can do is list down the culinary related organizations you are part of, or the culinary books or magazines you subscribe to. You should also identify what kind of cooking you are most skilled at. Are you good preparing Chinese, Japanese, French, or American dishes? Are you skilled in preparing more than one of these, or are you capable of creating fusions of dishes from various countries? These are important information that you have to indicate in your resume. Now You Can Start Writing Your Resume for the Waiter Position You Want The basic format of a resume is as follows:

• Basic information about yourself (name, age, sex, contact information, etc.)
• Job objective (you can specify what kind of waiter you want to be, and for which restaurant)
• Basic skills (all related to culinary arts or restaurant management)
• Educational background (since pre-school)
• Past work experience (if applicable)
• Extra-curricular activities (organizations related to culinary arts will help)
• Hobbies and Interests (especially those related to culinary arts)

Remember to tailor-make your resume for each restaurant you apply for. Don’t make the mistake of writing one restaurant in your objective then send that resume to another restaurant. Good luck with your resume writing for the waiter position you desire.

Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

Who Else Wants to Learn the Proper Way of Writing a Teacher Resume?

A preschool teacher resume should highlight your skills as a teacher. In a teaching profession, the most important considerations are credentials and your educational background. Because much is expected in a teacher, chances are employers are more strict when it comes to hiring teachers. And for this reason should applicants take very careful steps in resume writing.

The sample teacher resume below is a very good guide for teachers to use, even for those who are not applying as a preschool teacher. As you can see with the overall appeal of the resume, it’s filled with strengths and the best credentials of the teacher.

If you think that your resume will have to exceed a page, it’s important to consider the pieces of information you put on the first page. Only a small percentage of employers actually take time to read the second page of a resume when they see nothing of what they’re looking for on the first page. In resume writing, it’s also important to give the implication about how important your job is.

How To Highlight Your Skills in a Teacher Resume

You will notice the keywords used in describing each job experience uses powerful words such as individualized and age-appropriate lesson plans, motivated educator, and cooperative learning. The keywords mentioned in the sample teacher resume is just a few of the high points of this resume.

The entire list of qualities include exceptional skills and qualifications and experience, which are all significant in the teaching job that the applicant is looking for.

When you’re writing your resume this way, remember how this resume has become exceptional and not just copy exactly what is written here. You will learn better if you incorporate the principles in writing an impressive preschool teacher resume instead of just copying from one.

sample teacher pres school resume

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Best Office Manager Resume Sample

Best Office Manager Resume Sample

Who else wants to look at an office manager resume sample?

Are you looking for an office manager resume sample? People applying for this kind of job usually have previous work experience already, so if you’re looking for a sample resume, it means either your previous resume doesn’t get you the kind of response you’re hoping for from employers, or you think that you can improve your resume immensely still.

An office manager resume sample below features someone who has worked as an office manager previously. As you can see that instead of writing a one-liner resume objective, she put in a brief paragraph summarizing her work experience, what she used to do, and her core skills. This way she’s letting the employer know how experienced she is.

This style may work for other people who have the same situation, those who have been working for a long time and want to work for another company.

See how easily you can make an impressive office manager resume within minutes!

However, for those who are still starting as an office manager, you should still put a specific objective. Also, be assertive in your wordings, use power words as much as possible, and make sure you make it as concise as possible. As with any resume sample, it’s always good to start your resume with the skills you think are your strongest points.

It works whether you have good experience or not. Even if you don’t have any experience, the qualities are going to help the employer have a good idea about what you can do. And even if you already have a good experience, the qualities will back up your experience all the more, making you look more credible.

One important aspect of resume writing is to realize that everything you put in your resume should make sense, and should contribute to the goal that is your objective. If you put there useless information that will only waste space and paper, you will look desperate in trying to have and know more than you actually do.

Best Office Manager Resume Sample

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But if you only put there the important things, you will get the attention of the employer and keep it focused on things that would impress him. Just look at the office manager sample resume below and see why it’s effective.

Event Planner Sample Resume

Event Planner Sample Resume

Are you looking for an event planner sample resume?

The other day, someone submitted an event planner resume, which was quite interesting. It had been written quite impressively, and I can see that she listed down all her best points and qualifications.

If you’re also applying for a job as something similar, I suggest you check out the event planner sample resume given below to see if you can write something more, if not as impressive as the one given in the example.

The applicant who sent me her resume was a really good student when she was in college, and has a lot of good qualities needed for the job. In a job application like this, having affiliations matter a lot. Probably, more important than where you graduated or what skills you have. Being an event planner has something to do with socializing with people and understanding exactly what they need, and being able to wow them through the events you have to plan.

How to write an event planner resume

Writing an event planner resume should start out like you’re writing any other resume. The only difference now with this type of resume is that you should take special consideration with the people and organizations you’re affiliated to.

As you can see in the event planner sample resume, the applicant listed the major events she has been a part of separately, to highlight it more and to give the impression that she already has experience with dealing different kinds of events and took part either as the event planner or supervisor.

Also, if you’re not too sure whether the school you graduated from would up your resume or not, focus on more important factors like qualifications, work experience and qualifications. Knowing what you want and knowing how good you are is an important factor in writing an event planner resume.

There are certain things you can put in your resume that would otherwise be useless if you’re writing a resume for high school students, so remember first your niche and go from there.

Event Planner Sample Resume

Driver Free Resume Sample

Driver Free Resume Sample

Who Else Wants to Write a Good Driver Resume?

Free sample resumes for driver applicants are available all over the internet. They are all very nice and you could end up writing a very good resume using these as your guidelines. However, it would be better to learn how to writing your resume specifically for the kind of driving position you are looking for.

The requirements for a truck driver are different than that of a limousine driver, taxi, driver, bus driver, and so on and so forth. You should identify in the job objective part of your resume what exact position you are applying for, so your prospective employer will know exactly what you are an expert in.

Aside from this, you should also identify how many years of driving experience you have previously had, and if you had been in any major traffic accidents or been caught by the police for traffic violations. If you have, it is better to be honest about it and explain why in your interview rather than lie and be fired for it later on.

Now You Can Write That Killer Driver Resume

Aside from being a good driver, there are other requirements you need to meet in order to be hired as a driver. These things, you also need to identify in your resume. For example, it is an advantage to be familiar with cab routes if you are applying to be a taxi driver. It is good to know truck routes, and to have experience driving long distances if you with to be a truck driver.

If you are applying to be a limousine driver, it would be important to be physically fit, so you can carry the luggage of your passengers and ensure their safety (especially if they are VIPs). Likewise, limousine drivers should have a better grasp of the English language. If you can speak in a foreign language, that would also be a huge plus.

If you identify these skills, plus other important information, in your resume you should have a good chance of being called in for an interview. With this in mind, you should also have an easier time choosing which free driver resume sample is right for you.

How to Write a Security Guard Resume

Free Sample Resumes Security Guard

Free sample resumes for those who are applying for security guard positions can be found all over the internet. Some of these resources may be reliable while others may not. Before you decided to follow one resume format over another, you should first learn the elements of what makes a good security guard resume.

When applying for this position, there are a few things that employers look for in their applicants. First, you must have prior experience with security guard jobs, or other similar responsibilities. Security personnel must be dependable and confident, so prior leadership experience is a plus.

Likewise, you will be expected to be available anytime the employer needs you, whether he places you in the morning or graveyard shift. Skills in self defense, martial arts, or gun handling, will help you greatly in nailing your job. What’s more, being physically fit and having the ability to run fast is an obvious bonus as well.

Who Else Wants to Write Good Security Guard Resumes?

With all these things in mind, how exactly should you write your security guard resume? Here is a basic format that you may follow:

• Basic personal information (full name, age, birth date, sex, weight, height, contact information, etc.)
• Job Objective (one sentence stating for what position and company you are applying for with this resume)
• Summary of Skills and Personality Traits (that are important for the job you want)
• Educational Background (mention if you have undergone self-defense or military training)
• Past Work Experience (specifically those related to the job you want)
• Hobbies and Interests
• References (preferably from a professor or past employer)

With these in mind, you should be ready to start writing your security guard resume.

Sample of Human Resources Manager Resume

Sample of Human Resources Manager Resume

Are you looking for a job as a Human Resources manager?

If you’re applying for a Human Resources manager, you must have a degree in Psychology or related courses. This way it would be easier for you to get the job, and it would be easier to write a resume because your credentials can easily be backed up.

However, resume writing can be a bit difficult if your degree or employment history is a bit far from Human Resources. Naturally, the employer will prioritize those applicants with the most related degree. They aren’t going to put your job application on top if you graduated with a major in Physics.

If this is the case, you must be thinking you need a miracle to get the employer to notice your job application, right? Wrong. There is another way for the employer to notice your job application and even mark it as a priority, if you know how to write a Human Resources manager’s resume.

How to write a resume for a Human Resources manager

If you have a different degree but has experience in working as a Human Resource manager before, you can even omit your education background if your work credentials are topnotch, just like in the sample of Human Resources manager resume found below. However, if that’s not the case, then the best thing for you to do is write a functional resume where you will highlight all your skills instead of your work experience.

A lot of college students have approached me and asked for my help regarding resume writing, and I always tell them the same thing. Before they could create a powerful and impressive resume you have to know which skills and qualifications would land you the job. For example, for a Human Resources manager position, the qualifications you have to have are administrative skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills and more.

If you want to take a loot at a sample Human Resources manager resumee, take a look below so you’ll have an idea on how to start one.

Sample resume for HR manager

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Construction Worker Resume Sample

Construction Worker Resume Sample

Learn from a construction worker resume sample

I’ve received a construction worker resume just recently and was surprised that it’s a pretty technical job after all. I’ve always thought that work in construction is a bit more on the physical side and you won’t need anything else than measurable upper body strength to get the job done. Well, as you can see from the construction worker resume sample below, there are a lot of technical skills involved when you’re applying for a job as a construction worker.

The one sent to me was for an operations manager, just like in the sample resume. As you can see clearly, the one below is a sample of a functional resume, with the competencies immediately mentioned and given emphasis. This works great if you are confident that you excel in the qualities you mentioned. It’s also an advantage if you have a lot of skills you can boost, like the ones listed under core competencies.

Have the same impressive construction worker resume

If you take a look at the resume sample for a construction worker below, you’ll see that right after the core competencies, He only listed the important work employment history. You’ll find this helpful for when you have limited work history but with exceptional contribution to the company.

This is a classic example of working with what you’ve already got. As you can see, the description of every job she’s had is very detailed which implies that she played an important role in the company. If you want to follow this construction worker resume sample, make sure you arrange all the information first.

Construction Worker Resume

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Free Sample Resumes for Administrative Assistants

Free Sample Resumes for Administrative Assistants

Let the free sample resumes for administrative assistants guide you

Writing your resume for the first time may seem a lot of pressure but with the help of free sample resumes for administrative assistants to follow, the task will seem a thousand times easier, trust me. When I had to write my first resume, I got almost everything wrong.

I thought that the educational background is the most important thing, and I thought it was just like writing in a slum book, where the things important to me are the same things that are important for the employer.

But as it turns out, no one needs to know about what school I went to in grade school, or my exact birthday, or whether I was the valedictorian in sixth grade. Writing a resume without any knowledge of how to write a proper one will lead you to the wrong direction. If you really want to have an effective resume, better seek help.

There are samples of resume format for students online

The internet is probably the biggest source of help anyone can go to. It is loaded with information, and a lot of people are willing to share whatever they have or know to anyone who asks it. If you type in your query to any search engine of your choice, you can be sure that a million results would turn up from typing “free sample resumes”. The only thing left for you to do is pick an article and start reading!

Of course, when you’re making your research, never forget that you’re also being exposed to a lot of wrong information. If you don’t want to fall prey to sites like these, evaluate everything you’ve read and ask yourself if you’ve gained something from what you’ve read.

With everything you do, always remember that you’re still getting information from someone you don’t know so be careful when it comes to browsing the internet, especially when you’re looking for something to help you with your job application.

Free Chef Resume Sample

Free Chef Resume Sample

Who else wants to look at a free chef resume sample?

Are you interested in a career as a professional chef? Are you just starting off and want to look at a free chef resume sample to make sure how to write a resume the correct way and make sure you stand out from the rest of the thousands of applicants?

It’s important to remember certain points in writing a resume because one wrong move and it can cost you the career you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t make the mistake of being careless about your resume. Read on about how you can write a powerful Chef resume.

Naturally, if you’re applying for a job as a chef, you must have the basic skills and qualifications needed for a job. You can’t just apply as a chef just because you suddenly felt like changing careers. The most important information you must provide in your resume are you educational background, qualifications relevant to the position you’re applying for, and your employment history. When you have these, all you need to do is play around with words to make your resume 100% better.

See how easily you can make a powerful Chef resume sample within minutes!

In resume writing, there are such things called power words. These words are usually verbs, somethings adverbs and adjectives that are used in describing either your qualifications or work experience. These power words are very important in writing a resume because they give your resume the push upwards it deserves. Just some of the most commonly used power words are as follows:

  • outstanding
  • well-rounded
  • exceptional
  • extremely
  • efficient
  • significant/significantly
  • supervised
  • tackled
  • managed
  • resolved
  • accomplished
  • achieved

Here’s a free chef resume sample for those of you who want to have an idea about how a powerful chef resume looks like. Take note on the use of words, and the format on how it’s written.

Sample Resumes for Nurses

Sample Resumes for Nurses

The Secrets of Writing the Perfect Nursing Resumes Revealed!

Sample resumes for nurses can be found all over the internet. All you have to do is type down the proper keywords and click the search button on Yahoo, Google, or similar search engines. Be careful when choosing which kind of resume to follow because your resume should cater exactly to your situation.

For example, if you are a fresh graduate from a nursing school with only a couple of hundred internship hours of work experience then you should not write a resume that focuses only on work experience.

Instead, you should focus more on your extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in school that are related to nursing. Likewise, going on medical missions and such will also be a huge help.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of past work experience then you should definitely write a resume that concentrates on these. You should order your work experience chronologically from your oldest to your latest job. Under each job, you should write bullets listing the tasks and responsibilities you performed while doing the job.

See How Easily You Can Write Your Nursing Resume The format for writing a nursing resume basically goes as follows:

• Basic information about yourself
• A summary of your nursing qualifications and skills
• Educational background
• Co-curricular and extra-curricular Activities (focus if you have little past work experience)
• Past work experience (focus if you have lots of past work experience)
• References (only from professors or past employers who you are sure will give positive feedback)

You can still view sample resumes for nurses online, but I believe you can do well by following the format I outlined for you above.

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