Job Talk – Find Out the Most In Demand Jobs in the Philippines

Job Talk - Find Out the Most In Demand Jobs in the Philippines

See How This List of In Demand Jobs in the Philippines can help you.

Let’s be honest: in the Philippines, it is really difficult to find a job. Of course, with the economic crisis happening not just in the country but also around the world, you will definitely stop to think, what job should I take to give me a stable future, or what are the top paying jobs in the Philippines?

If you are wondering which career to take, here are some suggestions. These are actually the top jobs in the Philippines and at the same time, the high paying ones. If you feel undecided about your future, why don’t you take some suggestions from this list and start from there.

  1. Call Center Agents – In the race to becoming the number 1 BPO country in the world, the Philippines is second while India is the first. Not many know but little by little, the former is beginning to catch up to the latter. Pretty soon, the Philippines will be the biggest outsourcing country. Hence, more and more call centers are popping out within the urban areas of the country and are hiring. It may give you long hours and night shifts, but the training and benefits are definitely worth every pain and effort.
  2. Information Technology Specialists – Just like in the telemarketing field, Filipinos are slowly rising up in the world of information technology. Every year, the country produces more and more professionals who are IT literate and have made it big not just inside the Phil but also in various countries worldwide. With the high demand for computer related applicants, schools have built curriculums related to IT.
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  4. Factory Workers – Because of the fact that a huge part of the Philippine income comes from the manufacturing industry, it is in need of skilled factory workers. As you can see, foreign businesses invest not only in the country’s resources but also in its labor. In a matter of speaking, the need for workers concerning production is on the rise.
  5. English Tutors – It is true that the Philippines rank number 1 among the English proficient countries in the whole of Asia. Because of this, Filipinos are able to speak, read and write English accurately. It is because of this that other countries seek for English tutors from the country both in classrooms and online.
  6. OFWs – Although Filipinos are looking for greener pastures in other countries, they are also regarded as hardworking and service-oriented people. They get the job done no matter what it takes. Because of the progress of the quality of education in the country, Filipinos are becoming more capable of landing jobs abroad. If you are thinking of taking a job overseas, you may actually be successful.
  7. Sales and Marketing – With the economy today, business who offer products and services are running towards the competitive side. In order to sell, they will need people to do it for them. If you have a knack for marketing, you should try out a career in the sales department.
  8. Human Resources – Training and looking out for the welfare of employees is a huge task and there is a rise in demand for HR applicants in the Philippines at present.

If you see, these list shows the jobs where the highest demand for applicants are. Some of these pay on an average basis while others can actually give you great salary and benefits. If you are college student looking for a part time job, some these may actually be a good sources of part time jobs and money. All in all, the most in demand jobs in the Philippines are definitely those which fall in the field of service.

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