Today’s Job Hunting Rules – 5 Things To Remember When Applying for a Job

Today's Job Hunting Rules - 5 Things To Remember When Applying for a Job

How To Think Like Employers – 5 Things That Can Help You Get Hired

People tend to forget that even the job hunting techniques and rules tend to change its rules like the weather here in the Philippines changes. In fact, you should never believe that there are general rules when you’re applying for a job. Employers are people too.

They have preferences. They base their choices and judgment on what they believe will be beneficial for their beloved companies.

However, this does not mean that you can do it any way you like. Because even if there are no general rules when it comes to job hunting, there are common things that one will notice when it comes to today’s employers. There are 5 actually and here they are:

No Cover Letter, No Reply – Majority of recruitment officers associate the creation of cover letters to your seriousness and determination to get a job. If you merely left your resume/CV on the receptionist’s desk or emailed it with a blank message box, don’t expect to hear back.

“Comprehensive” or “Chronological” in Resumes = Optional? -“ Nowadays, you don’t have to be too detailed when you make your resumes. In today’s day and age, employers appreciate the “fast and the brief” applicants. Meaning, they want to see what you can do for them not what you’ve done in the past. Remember, just place recent information in your resume or else, human resource officers will get bored while reading, seriously.

Some Employers are Lazy? = True or False? – When you don’t get a reply when you apply from a certain job, just wait. If after a span of how many weeks, they don’t contact you, then it’s safe to assume that it’s a “no”. If you feel like they were rude because they never called back, you should think otherwise. Place yourself in their position.

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They’re busy and with the myriads of applicants like you flooding their inbox or appearing in their office, it’s for sure, they’ve even forgotten what happened the day before. So, don’t feel bad

Fact: Employers are Choosy – Learn the complete details of the job opening you’re looking into. If you apply in a certain company and suddenly receive a memo that says they cannot accommodate you because you’re not from the same vicinity or are lacking a certain quality, don’t feel discriminated. If they mentioned it in their ad, then you have no right to complain. Just remember, aside from thinking of their own interests, they are also thinking of yours.

Forget Specialization – Nowadays, if you’re a graduate of any college; of any major, then you can get any type of job you want. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you’re a Nursing graduate, you should only apply for medical jobs. You can actually pursue other work. Of course, it depends on you too. Don’t limit yourself. Employers are now open to this. Just try.

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