The World’s Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs

The World's Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs

Accidents in the workplace are just what they are, accidents. Everyone tries to avoid them and no one really wants them. However, there are instances wherein no matter how carefully you observe the safety precautions, accidents can and will still happen. This is especially true in workplaces that are dangerous. Several factors interfere in determining something dangerous, it may be the nature of the job itself or environmental factors. Combination of both seem to be the perfect recipe for disaster. Regardless however, there always seem to be people who are ready to do that kind of job. The reason? Simple. It is the most dangerous job that pays rather well.

Here are the top three of the World’s Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs:

Coal Mining – The purpose of this work is to remove coal from below the ground. Coal is a combustible rock that is harvested for its energy content. It has been the major source of electricity until the dawn of renewable energy. Much of the coals in the earth is located deep underground, paving way to underground mining.

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Underground mining is responsible for more than 50 percent of the world’s production. Due to this hazardous environment of heat, chemical use and constant explosions, coal mining has caused numerous health conditions and even fatal injuries. China in particular has the highest number of fatalities due to this industry. In 2004, death tolls reached 6,027. No wonder salary as a coal miner is up to $4,000 a month.

The World's Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs

Oil and Gas Extraction Workers – Oil and gas extraction means removing oil and other natural gas from the ground. Both oil and gas provide essential energy for homes and industries. Rough working conditions and relatively long hours result to serious and fatal accidents. In 2005, there has been a 15% increase in fatalities in the United States. This is the downside to having a $60,000 – $100,000 salary.

King Crab Fishing – King crabs or stone crabs are huge crustaceans that are mostly found in cold seas like off the coast of Alaska. Harvesting is commonly done in very short seasons, each taking about 4 – 5 days. The freezing temperature, temperamental mood of the sea and changing weather make this occupation 90 times more dangerous than the average job. On average, it is noted that at least one fisherman dies in a season. It is because of these risks and the fact that king crabs are really expensive that a fishing boat averages at $868,000. (Do the math and divide it among the boat crew.)

If you are looking for means to earn big money, then you have definitely found them. Try to remember though that they are paid big for a reason.

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