Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Thailand

Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Thailand

If there is one country in Asia that has a very high demand for English teachers, it would definitely be Thailand. And teaching requirements there are most of the time easy to secure. So if you are planning to have in teaching job in Asia, opt to teach in Thailand.

Because Thailand has a high regard for English instructors, it would be better if you choose to teach at the smaller cities instead of working in bigger cities where competition is heavy. The requirements for teaching English there is relatively simple.

The most important thing that you would need is a TEFL certificate and after that, you will eventually have no problems in obtain your teaching license as well as your working permit. Having a TEFL certificate also gives you the advantage of a salary negotiation with your employer.

Teaching English to Thai students is relatively easy as they are willing and eager learners. This is primarily because at present, knowing how to speak English is one of the assets newly graduates in Thailand need to have in order to be accepted for a job.

Aside from that, dealing with Thai students is not difficult and you would be comfortable teaching them the language mainly because Thai students highly respects teachers and most of these young adults are kind and accommodating.

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However, you should still be considerate when teaching the language to the Thais. You should be careful with your criticisms as they are usually taken in a negative and degrading way. Another thing to remember is that Thai students tend to get easily bored so you have to make sure that your methods in teaching the English language is fun and interactive and most importantly informative.

One thing you could try is incorporating drills and language games in your English classes. This could not only make the class more lively but can also encourage the Thai students to overcoming their shyness in talking using English and eventually allow them to speak the language freely and more comfortably.

This is another reason why it is necessary for you to learn the native language of the country. Through this, that you would be able to relate better to the students and thus be able to teach the language more effectively.

Teaching the English language in Asian countries like Thailand brings a whole new experience for English instructors because they can also learn more about the country’s rich culture and tradition.

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