Job Interview Attire – What Should You Wear to the Interview?

Job Interview Attire – What Should You Wear to the Interview?

First impression is a very important factor and its basis is your appearance. If you’re one of those people who don’t really invest in corporate or business casual apparel, now’s the time to change that or at least break your fashion trend for this specific situation. Your job interview attire can actually define what impression you can get from the employer. You’re there to market yourself and impress them, so they can hire you.

So what should you purchase in the market? No. You don’t have to sport a pinstripe suit or a coat and tie. Here are some things that can help you with picking out that perfect outfit for your job interview.

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Slacks – Even if you’re a boy or a girl, you should always have a pair of slacks. Pair this with any dress shirt (if you’re a guy) or blouse (for girls) and you’ll instantly transform your look. You don’t need to buy the expensive types. You can always go to places like SM Department Store or Landmark and purchase slacks below P500.

Jeans – Some companies allow their applicants to wear jeans during the interview, provided that their tops are decent. Of course, don’t assume. Make sure you ask the contact or research about what kind of company you’re applying for to avoid embarrassments. If ever you’re permitted to wear these, make sure that these aren’t jeans with beads or rip effects. The employer may be lenient but don’t cross the line.

Skirts – Skirts are fine but don’t go overboard by wearing minis. Make sure your skirts are below knee length. Usually, pencil cut skirts are good choices for job interviews. You can also use flowing ones but make sure that these look conservative. Also, do not forget that you have to look sophisticated. Don’t wear demin skirts for these are too casual.

Blouses – Girls are very lucky when it comes to job interview attire. They have a lot of choices to pick from. Blouses are good and affordable choices. There are various manufacturers who make nice and high quality clothes without overcharging them. You can go to department stores or tiangges and find presentable and professional looking tops.

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Dress Shirts – Guys aren’t as lucky as girls. Although women’s clothing can be found anywhere, men’s apparel are a bit harder to find, especially the formal ones. There may be a number of shops for guys but most of these are branded and may have high prices. If you’re really tight on the budget, there are some stores in Greenhills that sell P600-P700 polos for men. You can also try SM and Landmark to find some as well.

Shoes for Girls – Girls need not wear stilletos to their interview. A simple pair of black, brown or gray closed ladies’ shoes (preferably leather) can work. It doesn’t matter if it’s flat or has heels. Just make sure you’re not wearing slippers, espadrilles or something that will shout ‘I’m too lazy to prepare for this’ to the interviewer.

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Shoes for Guys – Don’t even attempt to wear sneakers. Always go with leather shoes. Regardless of the fact that you’re applying for a call center or BPO, you should look presentable. Just like what was mentioned, door wear slippers or espadrilles. Look professional. The corporate world, regardless if it’s a BPO or any other kind of office, has a very formal and serious environment.

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