Tips on filling out a Printable Job Application Form

Tips on filling out a Printable Job Application Form

When you are looking for a job, be sure to always have with you your resume and credentials. When you reach the company you wish to work for, they give you an information sheet to answer – the job application form. Nowadays, the job application is printable online. Basically it asks for the same information that an applicant should fill up – personal, education background, work background and others.

The printing of job application forms has now become very convenient. If you remember, filling out a form will take another fifteen to thirty minutes of your time. Also, just when you are ready to answer, some of the questions are not really things that you remember. For instance, some companies ask for your parents’ information like their birth year. Some ask for the exact dates of your graduation from this year to this year. There are instances that you do not know how to answer a particular question and you get worried that you are going to submit a blank entry. You know it is policy not to leave any question unanswered.

Furthermore, you write so carefully so you do not make erasures because you do not want to create a bad impression, right? Filling out a job application form is not really easy. Unfortunately, we can not do away with it. But then, as mentioned forms may now be printed online.

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The same rules apply. Read some of them below:

1. Do write legibly and only use black or blue ink.Aside from creating a pretty bad, unnecessary impression, who would be interested to read your credentials when the reviewer can not even read them?

2. In writing your educational background and even your employment background, what go first are the most recent ones.Normally, they do not need to know where you went for elementary. Make sure that the data you do provide is correct and true.

3. It is practiced that seniors and higher management from the company you have worked for are part of the references.You can ask someone even not professionally linked to you to be added to your references. After all, references are just needed by companies who do background checking. Just make sure your listed or chosen references aren’t related to your family.

4. Affix your signature on the application form. This is to assure your employer that you’ve not only considered each and every aspect of the job application form, but you’re giving them your commitment as well.

5. Double check all the entries before you submit. When a question does not apply to your current situation, do not leave it blank. Instead, write “Not Applicable”. Only submit when you everything is filled. This is to also give you the impression that you’ve went through every question, even though you don’t have the necessary information available to answer some.
Ready now for the interview? Make sure to keep these tips on mind to answer and submit an impressive application form. Good luck on your interview, and hope you land the job!

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