How to complete a job application

How to complete a job application

Filling out a form is easy enough right? But when it comes to job application forms, we become so tensed and we worry too much about answering anything wrongly that sometimes, we do. Is it because job application forms are very crucial to our job hunting or are we afraid that any mistake we put in on the form will automatically be translated into the kind of person employers think we are.

No need to worry, below are tips on how to fill out any job application form properly without having a heart attack. Stick to these tips and your burden will lessen. After this all you have to worry about is the actual interview, which is a we bit scarier that filling out application forms.

The normal job application form includes the following: personal detail, educational background, position you’re applying for, details about your previous employment if you have any, and references.

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There would be instances when a question wouldn’t apply to your current situation, and you wouldn’t know what to do, whether to leave it blank or not. You shouldn’t leave anything blank in the application form. If you don’t know what to put in it, give it some time, bring it home and just return it after you’ve filled it out completely. If it’s not applicable to you, put n/a or any mark, but don’t submit an application form with a blank space.

Another you should remember is to write legibly, and use only black or blue ink. But that’s really logical enough and there’s no need for explanation for that. Always remember too that in putting your educational background and employment background always put the most recent one. They really don’t care where you studied in elementary. In references, it doesn’t have to be your previous employers or anyone professionally linked to you. It could also be someone from an organization you belong in and in which you have a great record. References are needed when they think it’s necessary to do a background check, so if you think you’re not comfortable putting your previous boss as your reference, it’s ok. Just don’t put your mother there, for goodness’ sake.

The last thing you have to remember is to sign the application form. Some people get too excited that they forget to sign it. Don’t screw up at the last minute by forgetting to sign. After you’ve filled out everything, double check it before submitting.

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