Most Common Job Interview Questions for Customer Service Representatives

Most Common Job Interview Questions for Customer Service Representatives

The initial interview is the first time that HR personnel of the call center or customer service center will get to see if you can be shortlisted for the job.

While there are many applicants who breeze through the written examination, a majority of them find it hard when the interview comes. This is true especially for those who will apply for a job for the first time.

What are the most common job interview questions for customer service representatives? How will you answer them?

For the HR personnel of customer service center or call center, the most important thing to know is if you can communicate well in English and second if you have what it takes to handle the duties of a call center agent, meaning you are good or at least have the potential to be good in customer service.

These questions will almost always be asked during the interview:

Did you experience dealing with difficult people? Describe the experience and tell us how you dealt with it.

Customer service representatives will be working with people who may not be friendly. They will ask for things that you think are impossible to give. They will talk down at you. They will try to ruin your day every day. You need to make the HR know that you have the patience to deal with difficult people.

Did you experience situations wherein people say negative things about you? How did you react

It may not be at work. It may be in school or at home. The HR deparment would want to know if you can handle the stress of people saying nasty and personal things about you. The customer service representative job is not for the meek-hearted.

Why are you interested to be a call center agent?

Don’t ever answer that it’s because of the high salary although it is the main reason. The HR wants to see if you can be committed to the job and are really interested with the job. Everyday, there are thousands of people who are applying for a call center job. When they see that you are not really interested, they will not put you on the short list.

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Job interview questions are meant to give the HR personnel idea if you have the communications skills and customer service skills that are the 2 main things needed for the job. Before going to the interview, it is best to be prepared mentally so that when the interview comes, you will not falter even if you’re nervous.

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