Job Interview Personalities – What Interviewers Have To Deal With

Job Interview Personalities – What Interviewers Have To Deal With

As far as employers are concerned, there are multiple job interviewee personalities. Some of these are what they’re looking for and some, well, they’d rather forget. If you’ve undergone a job interview before and have not received that acceptance notice from the employers, keep on reading. You might probably find out what your shortcomings are. For newbies, use this guide to see what you should be when you’re in a job interview.

Personality # 1 – The Bilingual

Applicants, specifically Filipinos, forget that interviewers have the job interview in English. For some reason, even though employers speak in straight English, interviewees tend to get bilingual and start speaking in “Taglish (Tagalog and English)”. This will give people a very bad impression. Be careful!

Personality # 2 – The Shy Type

Job interviews are all about confidence. There are applicants who tend to speak soft and seem timid. Instead of looking at their interviewers straight in the eye, they tend to look around or just have their heads bowed. Voice volume and eye contact can do a lot for your chances of getting hired!

Personality # 3 – The Persistent

Employers have a way of seeing if you’re saying the truth or not. If you’re lying, they’ll know. Better keep your answers to a minimum. If you don’t have much experience, elaborate on your skills. They’ll understand!

Personality # 4 – The Underdressed

In the Philippines, it’s understood that job interviews require applicants to wear smart casual clothing. Yet, there are people who go to their job interviews wearing shirts, jeans and slippers. Although it may not seem like it, employers look at their applicants from head to foot.

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Personality # 5 – The Early Bird

This gets them every time! The mere fact that you’re early shows employers that you’re determined to get the job! Good job to you if you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier. You’ll definitely catch them at a good mood.

Personality # 6 – The Chatty Person

Your answers need to be brief and concise. Although you’re skilled or talented in your field, being too chatty can make you seem too boring and uninteresting. Mention only what needs to be mentioned and elaborate when asked.

Personality # 7 – Little Ms./Mr. Confident

This is the person who has everything ready – the appearance, the resume, the answers, and so on. People who give out a good impression, speak fluently and is polite is someone that companies want. In fact, if you have all of these and market yourself well, but don’t have much skill, then you’re exactly what people want to work with.

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