Recession-Proof Philippine Jobs

Everyday we hear news of a new foreign business that is closing down in the Philippines. There are already a number of factories in the business parks in Batangas, Laguna and Cavite that closed down this year.

Recession-Proof Philippine Jobs

Economists say that there will be more to come. With the hundreds of thousands of students who will graduate from high school next month, parents are asking, what are recession-proof Philippine jobs?

If you have a child who will graduate from high school, the most secured industries are the academia, healthcare, IT, environment-related and energy.

With or without economic crisis, people will send their children to schools. They may give up their car or the remodeling of their house but they will not let their children stop schooling. On the contrary, they will work even harder to keep their children in school because that will help them eventually during difficult financial times.

Nurses and caregivers are still very much in demand. Countries in Europe, America and even Asia have shortage of nurses and caregivers. High school graduates will still have very bright future if they enroll in nursing schools and take caregiving courses.

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The industries of IT, green businesses and energy will also be recession-proof Philippine jobs. Corporations from different part of the worlds are capitalizing on the demand for people who have green skills, IT skills and people who can help in solving the energy crisis of the world.

These are the industries that will continue to grow in the following years with or without recession. Filipinos who will graduate from high school next month should target college courses that are related to these industries first.

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