In-demand Part-time Jobs in the Philippines

With rising costs of goods and minimum salaries remaining the same, Filipinos from college students to government employees and office workers look for part-time jobs to create or augment their income.

In-demand Part-time Jobs in the Philippines

There are part-time jobs in the Philippines with regular time schedules and there are jobs that give flexible working time. What are the in-demand part-time jobs in the Philippines today and how do you find them?

1. Fast food Crew members

Fast food restaurants hire at least high school graduates to be their crew members. Work is at least 4 hours a day and payment is per hour basis. You can arrange for time arrangement that is most convenient with your schedule. You can check the website of McDonalds for job openings or you can visit the stores and ask the crew members there if they are hiring new crew members. Most crew members of fast food restaurants are working students.

2. Barista

Coffee shops are invading the Philippines today and they are always looking for part-time baristas. Coffee shops like Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are accepting part-timers. They will train you in making coffee, manning the cashier and other tasks. Payment is per hour and is relatively higher. You can type “barista” in the search boxes of local job search portals or you can go to coffee shops and inquire about their part-time job vacancies.

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3. Freelance Online Writer

For stay-at-home Moms and student writers, you can write on your own free time and earn by becoming part-time online writers to write for websites, blog sites, and custom essays sites. To find work as freelance online writer, type “freelance writer Philippines” in the search engine box or “freelance writer” or just “writer” in the search boxes of local job search portals.

4. ESL Teacher to Koreans

Koreans are arriving to the Philippines by flocks setting up businesses, studying medicine or touring Philippine scenic spots. If you can speak in English, you can teach English language to Koreans one hour a day for at least P300 (minimum DAILY wage for entry-level positions). You can find them by searching for their accounts in social networking sites such as Facebook or just use the search engine box.

5. Customer Service Representative (CSR’s)

Many call centers in the Philippines offer part-time jobs for college students who finish at least 2nd year college and other office workers who are looking for extra income. It will not be difficult to find work as part-time CSR. Call centers are continually hiring CSR’s and you can find job postings everywhere: newspaper, internet, billboards, etc. Work is usually 4 hours and for night shifts.

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