My Life as an Advertising Copywriter

My Life as an Advertising Copywriter

I used to work as a traditional advertising copywriter. Meaning, I usually write copy for actual, face-to-face clients, not for something you can find online. It’s challenging, stressful and nerve-wracking – but if i had the chance, I’d do it all again. There’s just something fun in the world of advertising.

Let me share with you some of the job tasks that I did during my copywriting stint:

Write A Tagline

I was a copywriter, so i was paid to write. Except, I didn’t expect that it’ll be such a chore. Mainly because the only writing background I had prior before getting the job was fiction writing, that I’ve had trouble writing something beneficial for our clients. My Art Director used to scold me for writing long, drawn out titles/taglines.

Apparently, I would need to also consider the layout of the printed material as well – hence the consideration of using correct and short taglines. You can imagine the problems I’ve encountered: from taking two weeks to actually think of a three-worded tagline, to having to explain why I chose that tagline to our clients! Still, I think that was a helpful experience, of learning that sometimes less is more.

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Know Photoshop? Then Layout!

And because I had to be conscious of an advertising material’s layout, I also had to learn some basic Adobe Photoshop skills. The thing is, I took it seriously – too seriously, in fact, that once I came up with some copy, I would now need to layout it myself. Nevertheless, it was fun! I now know how an artist and writer should think, primarily because of my mad Photoshop skills.

Directing because the Art Director’s Out!

I wouldn’t know if it’s fair for some people, but I actually art directed as a copywriter. My Art Director (funny guy, now married to his girl of his dreams) once decided to slack off, making me in charge of a photo shoot. It’s fun, having to order the talent and photographer around. I also found out how expansive the process is on creating a single ad out of a photo shoot – apparently, it’s a lot of work!

I do miss working as a traditional copywriter. I learned a lot, from the required writing style needed for successful advertising campaigns, Photoshop manipulation, even art directing. I may get back into this field sometime in the future, once I’ve saved up enough money to set up my own agency.

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