Job Fair Etiquette: Essential Reminders When Attending Job Fairs in the Philippines

Job Fair Etiquette: Essential Reminders When Attending Job Fairs in the Philippines

Job fairs are a big help to a lot of people looking for jobs. Although online job hunting provides a lot of people the most convenience of applying for a job, attending job fairs still has its own advantages that makes it a successful tool in finding the right job for you. But it seems that no matter how long it’s been in the country, a lot of people still seems to be clueless about what to do and what not to do when attending job fairs. So to freshen up everyone’s memories, here are things you must avoid doing in job fairs.

1. Don’t be rude to anyone. Job fairs are usually very crowded because of the number of applicants, and there may be one or two times when you could bump into someone or have someone step on your feet. If this happens, maintain your cool and move on.

2. Don’t get casual with the person at the booth. The common notion is that whoever is at the booth at the job fair is just some random employee sent to spend the day at a job fair and man the booth. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the hiring managers themselves attend these job fairs in the hopes of bringing in great candidates on the spot. So whether the person behind the booth looks young, dressed somewhat casually or a very friendly, always be courteous.

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3. Don’t think that you could attend the job fair dressed casually. Even if the job fair is held inside a mall, it’s not an excuse for you to dress casually. If you’re planning on strolling the mall after checking out the job fair so you want to wear casual clothes—well, don’t. It’s still a recruitment process and the last thing you want to do is give a bad impression to employers.

4. Don’t whine. A thick crowd composed of competitive job hunters, coupled with luckless applications during the first part of the job fair are enough to send a job hunter to the edge. However, you should still try to keep your cool, because being hot-tempered welcomes only negative thoughts, and negative thoughts only results in negative results. So always think positive despite the first few rejections, and you are still sure to gain something worthwhile from the job fair, even if it’s not a job offer yet.

Sure job hunting is difficult, and it might even be more difficult in job fairs, but there is still an etiquette to be followed even if job fairs looks like a riot most of the time. So make sure you keep this in mind, and check out the schedule for the March 2011 job fairs from our blog.

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