7 Reasons Why Going to Job Fairs Is Awesome


See How Many Things You Can Get From Job Fairs in the Philippines

1. Have you ever gone to any job fairs in the Philippines recently? With the ingenuity of Filipinos, career fairs have been reinvented to become not just a place for applicants to submit their applications but also a place for learning. Visit one of today’s 2011 job fairs and surely, you’ll pick up something worth using for job hunting.

2. Have you done applications through walk-ins? It’s quite tedious – walking around a certain city, going in and out of several buildings and so on. The worst part is that not all companies are willing to accommodate you. Job fairs are different. Participating employers are all looking for manpower for their job openings! Plus, you know that they won’t just set aside your resume and cover letter without reading it.

3. Worried about competition? Not really! Although myriads of people go to career expos, employers make sure to read every resume they receive. You’ll have as much chance of getting a job as other job seekers. However, you might have to wait a bit before they call or contact you. But not to worry! The point is, they will call you.

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4. As mentioned before, job fairs have become a great learning experience. Instead of walking in a job fair, all clueless, some employers actually offer their services to hold seminars and workshops related to job hunting. When you’re there, try to sit-in and listen to some tips that you can use the next time you go to a job fair.

5. One luxury that applicants never get is interaction with employers. Job fairs actually give job seekers a chance to ask questions. When you visit a job expo, try to check if there’s a speaker. You might want to take this opportunity to ask things about job interviews, attires or even about the position that you’re eying.

6. Career fairs are packed with people who can help you with finding the perfect job. It can be one of the employers or can be your fellow applicants. Who knows? Make sure you try to invest some time in establishing contacts for your career.

7. Apart from those brochures that you can get from job fairs, these events actually give out special freebies. These can be obtained by visiting each company’s booths or by winning raffles. Get the chance to receive special prizes ranging from simple ballpens to the hottest gadgets.

In summary, going to job fairs is not as boring as you think it is. For all who are concerned, job fairs in the Philippines will help you obtain an edge in the field of job hunting, as well as establish contacts and gain freebies. But best of all, you’ll be one step closer to getting the job you want.

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