Types of Filipino Bosses

types of filipino bosses

When you’re working, it’s a certainty that you’ll face all sorts of bosses. They can help you work better or make your life hell. Just in case you’re going out of your mind trying to live with them, here’s a simple guide to the common types of bosses in the Philippine working world.

The Workaholic Robot

They live for work. They worship work. Just when you think they can’t do anything but work, you realize that you’re right. If you do a background check, it seems like they have lost their ability to socialize. Basically, it won’t hurt to have a boss like this. The only problem is you have to step up or you’ll be left behind.

The Angel

This is probably the best type of boss in the bunch neither angry nor too kind. This person is born a leader will manage the group well; will give you constructive criticisms, as well as compliments when you need them; and give you what’s due. This person is all about fair play. When you have this boss, just be thankful but don’t abuse them.

The “Anger Management” Patient

Brace yourself (and your ears), this type of boss will shout his/her way to getting things done. They might think that it’s to show authority but it just goes to show how impatient they are. When you’re stuck with this boss, it’s advisable to run. Unless he/she realize his/her faults, you and your colleagues will be imprisoned in a working nightmare.

The Inspiring Leader

He/she is someone who’s always positive. He/she always has ideas and plans to keep the group on their toes. Although this may seem encouraging, there are times when this can be bad. They can lay out a plan/get tired of it soon or can ask you to come in the office frequently at odd hours. When you have this boss, let your judgment help you if this seems to be getting nowhere, get out.

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The Detail Oriented Boss

Never lets anything out of their sight. One wrong move and you’re dead, while one good deed, well, for sure you won’t get anything not even a compliment. They’re not evil. They’re just inexperienced with regards to showing gratitude. If you’re stuck with this boss, unless you have a patience of a saint, just work hard.

The Manipulative Monster

Beware. If you have this boss, get out ASAP. Not only will you be manipulated into doing things that you shouldn’t do, this boss doesn’t appreciate any kind of effort whatsoever from his/her teammates. He/she will always take the credit for himself/herself, while you struggle with the workload crab mentality at its finest.

The “Inuman-Tayo“- Boss

Although this person might seem cool, having a boss as a friend can be dangerous at times. Unless you’re sure that this person won’t use you to do his/her dirty work, then it’s fine. But for some unfortunate employees, their boss-friends tends to manipulate them into doing work for them and will make them guilty when they don’t. It’s bad. If you have a boss like this, keep your distance.


These are the bosses which will make you say, “How the hell did he/she become a superior?” It happens. When you have this type of boss, just breathe. Consult your other bosses about work. These ‘idiots’ are there to test you and your patience. Don’t worry, your hard work will definitely not go unnoticed.

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