Discover Why Filipinos Work Abroad

Discover Why Filipinos Work Abroad

Learn How Many Filipinos Travel Abroad for Work

At present, there are almost 107 million people living inside the Republic of the Philippines. Of course, included here are the foreign settlers which have chose to invest in the country’s resources or just simply reside there. Majority of this are, of course, the working population both employed and underemployed. Nonetheless, there is still a large percentage of the Filipino population which is unemployed and is striving hard to find work.

However, not many people know the statistics of unemployed Filipinos who try to look for careers in other countries. There are actually thousands of Filipinos who leave the country each day to find work abroad. Fortunately, the Philippine government allows their citizens to go out but ask them to remit money for the good of the country’s economy.

Find Out Why These Filipinos Prefer To Work Outside the Country

However, the people do not always go abroad for the sake of their country. They leave because they need to find means to survive and provide for their families left behind. There are various reasons why people leave the Philippines for job opportunities in other locations around the globe. These are:

  • More Job Opportunities Abroad – Unfortunately, because the Philippines is a small country with concentrated population in urban areas, there is indeed scarcity in job openings. Hence, competition forms between applicants. By finding work abroad, they are able to find more opportunities.
  • Better Pay, Better Benefits – Let’s admit it. The minimum wage in the Philippines is quite low compared to other states. At the same time, there are companies which do not compensate their employees well. There are also those workers who do not find their salaries enough to sustain them and their families. Because of this, they travel out of the country in order to get better compensations.
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  • Economic Turmoil – In relation to the first two, the Philippines is definitely having some financial difficulties. In order to escape from this, people fly out of the country and reside in a country where the economy is stable.
  • Political Turmoil – Not many people know but the government has a great effect on the economy. The economy has a great effect on the lifestyle of different people. With the negative results of political turmoil, not only economic problems occur but also social ones.
  • Social Issues – A country with bad economy and political unrest may definitely cause some social uproar affecting employment for the worst. Because of this, poverty becomes rampant which in turn makes crime rate in urban areas rise. Thieves and other criminals suddenly pop out of nowhere to wreck havoc upon different people.
  • The Travel Opportunities – Some people claim that they work abroad in order to travel. There are Filipinos who are fortunate enough to work in certain American and European countries, which some people only dream of going to.

Lucky for Filipinos who wish to work abroad, there are numerous openings in different countries around the world. These jobs can range from IT professions to medical jobs. All in all, any Filipino who finds the need to world out of the country will not get any trouble finding a job, especially if they are skilled.

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