A McDonalds Job – 3 reasons why it’s a lovin’ career

A McDonalds Job – 3 reasons why it's a lovin' career

Next time you step inside a McDonald’s branch, try to observe the employees. Have you ever seen such happy employees in your life? It may be just part of their jobs, but there’s always this genuine type of service, this type of happiness only one can get from being served by this lovin’ McDonald’s employees.

Yes, they are indeed lovin’ it. Employees in McDonald’s get to face all sorts of people, from all sorts of races, ages and walks of life. These wonderful people that patiently get your order, and make sure that your food is properly served, all seem to be living and lovin’ it.

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More than just a job, working in McDonald’s can actually lead into a rewarding life. If you actually do a search online for McDonald’s jobs, you’ll not only find job opportunities, but a very interesting list of celebrities and accomplished individuals who have worked at McDonald’s. You wouldn’t expect it, but country singer Shania Twain, funnyman and late night host Jay Leno, pop singer Pink and beautiful movie and stage actress Rachel McAdams have all worked at McDonald’s. And those are just some of the many celebrities who have once worked for the ever popular fastfood brand.

With an impressive list of celebrities as their past employees, you can be sure that working in McDonald’s can offer you the tools needed to succeed in life. From being part of the main food or restaurant aspect of the brand, to the corporate landscape of McDonald’s marketing, there is always something for anybody in McDonald’s.

To help you decide on why having a career at McDonald’s can be a viable asset for your future, here are a few reasons:

I’m lovin’ it – more than just its latest tagline, McDonald’s makes sure that its employees actually live this phrase. This can actually be seen at the employees attitudes, with the training, growth and further opportunities offered by the company.

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Growth – personal and career-wise, that is. McDonald’s has stated that more than 50% of its branch owners started as crew or behind the counter employees. And by fostering a positive mindset on its employees, new opportunities – whether internal or external – are opened.

Because I am me – seeing that McDonald’s cater to everyone, judging no one, serving anyone; it is very much suited and appreciated that they celebrate diversity in their workplace as well. Seeing that everyone is unique in their own special ways, McDonald’s commitment on having a diversity and equality merit in its hiring, made them an industry leader in this field.

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Of course, these are just some of the many reasons why one should consider working for McDonald’s. Check out your nearest branch for more information on what you can get out of working for this fastfood giant. It is, after all, a lovin’ job!

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