4 Benefits you can get from teaching English in China

4 Benefits you can get from teaching English in China

So, you’re pretty much in love with the Chinese culture. You love their movies – you actually have an encyclopedic knowledge of wuxia and martial arts films – their food, and most especially, the warm hospitality that Chinese people seem to naturally have. You’ve always watched travel documentaries of tourists visiting the Great Wall of China. You’ve always read up on the various experiences of individuals who have felt that unique and diverse feeling of being in a Chinese community. You’ve always wished you have the chance to visit and possibly live in China.

Well, what’s stopping you? You can get to explore and know more about China by being an English teacher. By teaching English in China, you not only get paid to teach and share your language with Chinese students, you get to have an up-close and personal look and experience with their culture as well.

Don’t let your dreams of going to China be in vain. Here are a few benefits that you can get by teaching English in China:

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Easy Training – Scared that you need to have a certain degree to teach English? Don’t be, because a TESL (Teaching English as a second language) certificate can be attained in just a mere 100 hours, with some schools even offering night or weekend classes.

Insured for your Health – China takes its ESL teachers seriously. They’re an investment for Chinese people nationwide. Depending on the institution you’ll be working at, you will be covered accordingly for your medical and health needs. This comes pretty handy and efficient as well, since Chinese medicine is relatively cheap, you may not need to dish out any cash during your teaching stint.

Housing – Depending on the level of English you’ll be teaching, a teaching institution will provide lodging in sufficiently equipped homes or apartments. Other cases, for the better, would involve you staying with a student in his or her home. This will not only give you a more practical approach in teaching, it’ll give you a more intimate and personal Chinese cultural experience.

Bridging the Gap – The best benefit that you can get out of teaching English in China is that you get to help people communicate in a global level. As English is known as a global language, you’re helping your students create better and new opportunities for their future. They’ll be able to understand and effectively communicate business deals. They’ll be able to offer their services in a much better way to other countries in the future. They’ll be able to share their thoughts and insights to virtually everyone.

4 Benefits you can get from teaching English in China

Teaching English in China, isn’t just a job, nor is it a vacation in your favorite pop-culture laden country. It’s more of a vocation, a responsibility that will ultimately lead to much better things. Check online for more options on getting this great opportunity.

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