When to Consider a Career Change

When to Consider a Career Change

On a typical day, we spend 8 hours of work, at least 1 hour each commuting to and from work and 1 hour for lunch break. That’s a total of 11 hours devoted to work everyday, almost half of the 24 hours we have for each day.

If you spend almost half of the 24 hours at work, isn’t just reasonable that you enjoy your work and you feel satisfaction at the work that you do? If not, it is time to consider a career change.

Why career change? Why not just a change of job? The answer is simply because you are not happy with you present work, why do the same work that doesn’t make you happy at a different place?

Times are hard in the Philippines and just having a job to support your family is blessing enough. But you should not limit yourself. You are not yet quitting on your current job, you are just considering if a career change will be better for you.

Just think about this. If money were not a problem, what would you be doing today? If you have let,s say P20 million in your bank account today, will you continue on doing what you are doing? If you answer is no, then why not think of how you can have a work that you will continue to love even if you have all the money in this world?

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Out work is not just a way to make money. It is also an opportunity for us to use our skills and serve others. The people from the next apartment all work for this local company.

They have minimum salary but they are very devoted to the company. When you talk with them, you’ll know that they are proud of their company. They speak well of their boss.

We need money because we need to pay for our needs and occasional wants but at the end of the day you also need something that will make you feel that you have contributed something; that you produced something that can be beneficial to others.

If you only work for money, and are not happy with your work, don’t stop working yet. . . just consider a career change.

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