Tips to Handle Philippine Economic Crisis

If you are an employee in the Philippines, chances are that you are already feeling the impact of the Philippine economic crisis. You may probably know people who were laid off.

Tips to Handle Philippine Economic Crisis

Weak financial and insurance companies are closing down. Even big businesses are reducing their operations cost in all ways possible one of which is in reducing their work force.

In these times of job insecurity and difficult financial times, what do ordinary employees need to do?

First, we need to work harder. We need to bring value to the companies that we are working for. Today is the time we need to show our companies that we contribute something significant to them. Make yourself the best worker than you can be so that it will be very hard for the company to part with you even in the hardest financial times.

Second, save money and look for other ways to earn income. This is not the time to splurge on things that you want. Times are uncertain. What you need is to save the money that you have for rainy days. It is also a good idea do part-time work to augment your income.

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Third, be positive and don’t panic. It is not as bad as you think it is. New on TV and internet may scare you but economists say that our country is doing well financially. Philippine economy is a slow growth but it is still expanding. In fact, 60% of companies are looking for new employees.

The companies who lay off workers in the Philippines are only a fraction of the Philippine economy.

Put your head high. Go the extra mile at work. Make yourself indispensable at work by providing unequal value to your company and best of all, stay calm and be thankful for the simple things that you have like work, family and friends

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