Pinoy Youth Power: jobs you may want to try

Pinoy Youth Power: jobs you may want to try

So it’s summer, and you’re itching for a good time. Too bad for you – no allowance, no change to help you go by! That shouldn’t be a reason to fret though – you can transform that free time into something productive! Let’s check out some jobs that Pinoy teens may want to try out:

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Street Sweeper

It’s a humble job, but someone has got to do it. Especially in the Philippines, where everyday seems to be a pile of never ending garbage. Though the pay may be minimal – dirt cheap, probably – being a street sweeper is more than just earning some money. I helps you develop into an even more developed and organized individual, making you aware of the consequences of trash being piled up out in the open. It’s a humble job, with powerful learnings to reap from. Also, it will set as a good example for other people – those who throw their trash in the streets – that garbage can be ultimately be minimized in the city.

Paper Boy

Everyone needs the news. No Philippine morning would be complete without a roll of the latest newspaper. So take advantage of this need – be a paper boy! The great thing about this job, even more than earning some extra change, is that you get to discipline yourself. You’ll be waking up in the wee hours of the morning, just to get your batch of papers. Then, you start to drop them off at selected houses. You can either do this by jogging, or by using a bike (opt for a bike, you may tire yourself out). Also, you’ll be keeping yourself in tip-top shape, allowing you to enjoy your summer even more!


For a change, try writing. You can either do this online (it’s free), or tie-up with local community papers as a correspondent. Not only will you earn potential earnings from this job, you’ll get to develop your writing and journalism skills. Remember, there’s always a story out there. Who knows, you just might discover the latest scoop!

Working in the summer can be both productive and fun. Being a street sweeper helps you develop confidence, a must in growing up. Delivering newspapers helps you build up a strong body, for the fit and healthy body you’ve always looked for. And being a writer can help you improve your journalism skills. Try out these jobs, for the summer time of your life!

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