Job Ideas For Teens – Local and Part Time Jobs

Job Ideas For Teens - Local and Part Time Jobs

Need some job ideas for teens? If you’re fifteen or below, chances are you’ve thought about getting paid to work. Who doesn’t want some extra pocket money to buy new video games or the latest gadget? But besides a position at your own mom or dad’s business, there may not be a job out there for you to take – seeing as you’re underage and all. What do we do then? Why, come up with our own business, of course! And this article is to help you get the ideas you need on how to make money with your own free time.

First off, you need to learn a few things: working is hard. That’s why it’s called ‘work’. Work isn’t just making a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade, parking it in front of your booth with a sign that says how much for a glass and expecting the money to roll in. A business takes a lot of determination and dedication for it to succeed – so you’d better brace yourself, as this could affect not only your schedule but also your outlook on life. If you’re still eager to get on with things, then you’re halfway there.

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Now let’s start by picking what kind of business you want. Check out the examples below.

Cleaning: If you’re not averse to getting your hands dirty and actually like doing chores (moreso if there’s money involved) then this could be for you. You could either offer a complete housecleaning package or something a bit more specific, such as cleaning out someone’s garage, or basement, or attic. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing a sparkling clean room and knowing that you yourself cleaned it. And then you get paid, too!

Pet care: People often have more pets than they could ever care for, and this is where you can come in handy. If you think you’re good with animals and don’t mind taking a furry companion or two on regular walks (along with washing/grooming/training), then this could be your moneymaker right here. Just inform the folks first.

Yard Maintenance: Many a youth have earned their keep by mowing lawns, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, too. There’s also the deal with raking leaves in the fall, weed control in the spring and summer, as well as shoveling snow off somebody’s walkway in winter. It’s an all-year-round job, and people will be thanking you – and paying you – for the convenience you offer. You might have some extreme competition at this job, though, so be sure to do your job well for customer loyalty.

PC Tutorial/Internet Tutorial: If you know your way around a PC and the internet, then chances are you could make a good living out of teaching the less enlightened on how to use these mechanical wonders, as well as how to use them in their businesses. And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your ‘students’ actually using what they learned from you.

Catering: This is where the lemonade-making comes in. If you’ve got a knack for the foodstuffs, then this should be right up your alley. You can also experiment, such as making already-prepared meals that people can simply buy from you and take home. Possibilities are only as limited as your imagination (and your ingredient cupboard).

Freelancing: If you’re exceptionally skilled at something – writing, drawing, photography, sculpting – then maybe you’re up for something a little bit more creative. Consider a freelancing business where you sell your finished products (or your services) to various businesses and media outlets. Not only will this get you money, but will also build up your future career.

And that’s just only some of the possible job options out there. Of course, whatever type of business you go for, you have to remember a few things:

Promote your business. You have to learn to promote your business to potential customers and clients. Learn how to pitch, how to persuade. Put up fliers, maybe have some business cards printed out – you never know how much these sort of things can actually matter.

Satisfy the customer. Make sure the customer always walks away thinking he had the better end of the deal. If you promised him that you’ll mow his lawn, do him one better and trim the hedges. If you promised someone that you’re going to teach them how to use a computer effectively, also teach them basic troubleshooting. Always go one step ahead in satisfying your customer. This not only makes you stand out amongst your peers, but also gets you the added benefit of being recommended to other potential customers.

Work at it! Like we said earlier, earning money isn’t easy. If it looks like things aren’t looking too good the first time around, just keep at it. Sooner or later your hard work will pay off.

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