All You Need to Know About Government Jobs

All You Need to Know About Government Jobs

Whenever we go to government agencies, we see the how busy the employees are with the paperwork and the tasks assigned to them. Some may even be out of their wits and more often than not irritated with the people coming to them for assistance. But what does working in a government agency really entail?

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Government jobs require more than just job skills. Aside from the usual requirements like a completely filled-out application form, resume and additional skills of professional certification documentation, concerns like criminal background or security clearance are also needed to apply for a government job.

Here is a quick overview of what the requirements are in applying for a government or federal job:

Age requirement – the minimum age requirement to apply for most federal jobs is 18, but there are some that accepts 16 provided that the candidate for employment already graduated from high school or any vocational course, prefers employment over study or is under a formal student employment program. There are some federal positions though that require a maximum age like law enforcement where the maximum age requirement is between 34 and 37 years old, depending on the agency.

Social Security Number is required from every employee as well when applying for a federal job. If one has no Social Security Number, he or she must then proceed to the Social Security Office to apply for one.

In the Philippines, a potential candidate for a government position must pass the Civil Service Examination, whether for Professional or Sub-professional positions. Career Service Professional is equivalent to second level eligibility, thus passers of the said examination would be eligible to apply for government jobs up to second level positions, while Career Service Sub-professional to first level eligibility.

Criminal records concerns are also looked upon when applying for a federal job. Ex-offenders are welcome to apply to some federal jobs wherein their criminal conduct will be reviewed to determine its relevance to the job applied for. There are regulations though depending on one’s criminal activity that prohibits one from working in certain federal jobs.

Security clearance concerns are also being considered when applying for a government job. This entails background checks at the time that a job offer is made to the potential employee.

Applying for a government job is not an easy task to accomplish, and being hired is not that a stroll in the park as well. One must have the patience and perseverance needed in accomplishing tasks assigned for a government employee to perform his or her job the best possible way.

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