Budgeting Tips for the Filipino Working Class – What Employees Can Do To Save Money

Budgeting Tips for the Filipino Working Class - What Employees Can Do To Save Money

Let’s face it, we’re all affected by the rise in prices. With the taxes you have to pay, how will you be able to save for your future? Thankfully, Filipinos are experts in improvising. Here are some budgeting tips to save a few pesos every day.

Budget Tips For Food

Recall the days when you were a student. For sure, your limited allowance kept you from indulging in food. When you’re working, that changes. There are more opportunities to eat because you have your own money. However, there are times when this can get a bit tiring, financially speaking. You can eat at fancy restaurants but control. As for your everyday meals, you can:

  1. Go to a ‘Carinderia – Some have meals starting at P30. Save at least P50 every day.
  2. Bring your own food – Save at least P100 every day.
  3. Do #2 and Have a Fellowship – Save money and bond with your colleagues.
  4. Bring a Tumbler – Use the water dispenser in your office. If you want something different, buy a sachet (instead of bottled or canned drinks). You’ll save at least P20.

Budget Tips for Transportation

Bringing a car to the office is quite an ordeal. Besides having your patience tested in traffic, gas won’t make life easier. Make sure to find good parking places. For all we know, the rates will drain your money away. So, try calling some parking garages and canvass for the cheapest. If you’re lucky, you might find some with quarterly deals that will help you save at least P20 every day.

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If you decide to take the public transportation system, here are ways to save:

  1. Take the Bus instead of the FX – Although buses might take longer, it’s cheaper (at least P15 lower) than riding FXs.
  2. Take the MRT – It might get crowded especially during rush hour, but it’s quick and inexpensive! Imagine, if you’re coming from Taft going to Quezon City, you only have to wait less than 30 minutes and spend less than P15!
  3. Walk – If you’re going to a certain place within the vicinity, don’t ride a jeep. Just walk! This will help you exercise too!

Other Budgeting Tips You Can Use

  1. Bargain Shopping – If you want affordable buys (which have good quality), check out ‘tiangge‘ or ‘ukay-ukay‘ outlets. They may not be designer labels, but products from these places are up-to-date!
  2. Exercise – If you’re watching your weight, forget the gym! Doing sit-ups and stretching exercises in the morning are cheaper alternatives. Also, as mentioned before, walking can do you a lot of good.
  3. A Second Home– When your place of residence is an hour or two away from work, then it’s not practical for you to commute everyday. Look for a boarding house (not a condo) or an apartment. You can actually ask friends to join you if you want to save further.
  4. Allot Money – Estimate your expenses in advance and only bring money that will be enough for the day. This will help you avoid unnecessary spending!
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