Sample Resume Format

Sample Resume Format

Why are Sample Resumes so Important?

Sample resumes and their formats can be found all over the internet. You can look for them through search engines such as Yahoo or Google, and you will find hundreds of sites that contain sample resumes which you can use as basis for writing your own resume. However, the best place to get sample resumes are from the company websites themselves.

Most of the time, a company will ask you to fill out a resume tailor made for the company itself. The single format for resumes makes it easier for the company to read resumes from job applicants. It also makes it easier for you because you get to know exactly what information the company is looking for. Also, it levels the playing field for all applicants as they will be forced to submit resumes of the same length and format.

Thus, you have to figure out what best to write for each category, so that you stand out for those applying for the same position and company as you are. Remember to put only information that will help you get the specific position you are applying for. If you want to be an accountant, you don’t need to mention the poetry writing seminars you attended in the past and such.

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What is the Basic Sample Resume Format? Basically, the sample resume format goes as follows:

• Basic information about yourself (name, age, birth date, weight, height, sex, etc.)
• Job Objective (the purpose of your sending them your resume)
• Educational Background (from pre-school till what you completed last)
• Co-Curricular Activities (school sanctioned activities that are graded)
• Extra-Curricular Activities (activities that may or may not be related to school, but that are not graded)
• Past Work Experience (this includes internship programs)
• Seminars and Workshops Attended (especially leadership seminars and those related to the position you want)
• Hobbies and Interests (here you can write stuff not connected to the position you’re applying for)

Some companies may ask you to give more or less information than what has been stated above, but this is the basic format for all resumes. You can also provide a 2×2 photo of yourself at the upper right corner of the first page of your resume, so your prospective employer will have an idea of how good looking you are.

Now that you know more about sample resumes and their format, you should be ready to write your own resume.

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