Effective Job Search Strategies – How to Get Jobs in the Philippines

Effective Job Search Strategies - How to Get Jobs in the Philippines

See How Easily You Can Get Jobs in the Philippines

Who says that jobs in the Philippines are scarce? Filipinos don’t know but there are myriads of job openings in Metro Manila alone. The only problem here is that applicants do not know where to find these.

Right now, there are two kinds of job search strategies. The ‘offline‘ and the ‘online‘ ways. The former is more like the traditional method or applying in person, while the latter is due to the boom of technology. Under each one, there are different methods, which each has its own pros and cons.

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To help you dig through the tough competition, here are some effective job search strategies that you can use!

Offline Methods

1. Classified Ads – If you think that newspapers are obsolete, then you’re wrong. Even today, companies, both small and large scale, post in newspapers. A huge percentage of Filipinos still browse newspapers and are able to find jobs through these. Some of the top names that have their own classfied ads are the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star.

2. Print Ads – Print ads such as posters, flyers and billboards are good sources of jobs. These are usually used by restaurants, stores and even BPOs. Examples of these are McDonalds, Jollibee, Starbucks, Convergys, IBM and so on. Usually openings are both for full time and part time applicants.

3. Radio and TV Advertisements – Even with the internet, many people are still hooked to the tube. These ads are usually used by Radio Stations (Magic 89.9 or Monster Radio RX 93.1), Networks (ABS-CBN or GMA Network) and certain establishments like restaurants.

4. Networking and Referrals – Some fresh grads get work through the help of relatives and friends. If you’re no longer a fresh graduate and have established yourself in your industry, you’re sure to have contacts. Sometimes, these contacts can help you get a job.

5. Walk-ins – These are very common among interns and fresh graduates. Several companies allow walk-ins and do on-the-spot job interviews. These firms can specialize in any field but usually BPOs are the most common type of company that have these.

6. Job Fairs – Job fairs, especially in the Philippines, are very good sources of job openings. Here, different employers participate to find applicants. Not only will applicants be able to pass their resumes and get interviewed then and there but there is a huge possibility that they can get hired ASAP.

Online Methods

1. Job Sites – Nowadays, more and more job sites are being created in the Philippines. Since almost every Filipino has internet access, this is becoming one of the most effective job search strategy. Here, a person can browse through job ads by top companies in the Philippines and apply online. IT firms, Advertising Agencies and Schools usually have accounts here. Some sites even allow job seekers to upload their resumes for employers to see. Some would even get contacted for job interviews.

2. Company Sites – If you have a specific company in mind, you can always browse them through a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Just as most Filipinos have internet connection, almost all companies also have their own websites, with their own career pages. Companies such as Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, ABS-CBN, Summit Media and so on are examples. You can submit your application through these sites.

3. Forums – Sometimes, if you’re a member of a certain online community, you can interact with other members to find special deals on products or services. You may also be able to find employers who are looking for applicants like you. Take advantage of this!

Effective Job Search Strategies - How to Get Jobs in the Philippines

4. Social Networking Sites – Other than having their own website, some companies have their own Facebook or Twitter accounts. They would advertise their job openings here to reach a wider range of audience. You should be wary of these advertisements.

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