Be the Best Applicant in the Room

Be the Best Applicant in the Room

Applying for a new job is hard. It means that you will have to interact with a new set of people, follow a new set of rules and perform a new set of responsibilities. One main dilemma an applicant faces is the thought there are many applicants as well vying for the same position. They may even be smarter, better and more experienced than you are. With all the other job-seekers out there, how do you stand out?

So the HR liked what she saw on your resume and called you in for an interview. You are nervous and eager at the same time. This is a new company so you do not know what to expect. As soon as you arrive at the receiving area, there are six other people wearing the same formal attire that you are wearing and applying for the same position.

Your heart starts to beat faster and you can feel gigantic butterflies on your stomach. Then you wake up in a state of panic realizing it was all a dream and your interview is scheduled tomorrow. What do you do? Easy, you should prepare.

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Anxiety always only happens when we are ill-prepared and we are caught off guard. When I If you are preparing for something, be it an initial interview or a work presentation, stay calm. Your brain will shut down if you are in a panic mode. Clear your head of all stresses and focus on what’s now. Sit down and plan what you are going to do, even down to the last detail so that no panic attack will occur.
What to do?

1. Come in on time. No one wants a late interviewee because it reflects that kind of a future employee you will be. If you have to be late, inform the office at once.
2. Be professional. Use people’s titles properly to address them and don’t be insubordinate.
3. Smile. Always.
4. Be courteous. Greet people.
5. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Be the kind of person they would want to hire.
6. Ace any exam.
7. Answer interview questions properly. Do not talk out of context and never lie.
8. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at the end of the interview. Try to ask questions about the company, this will show that you are genuinely interested.
9. Thank the interviewer and ask for the next step.
10. Do your best. Always.

If you don’t get the position, you will have no regrets knowing you did your best. If you get the job, celebrate. This could be the start of something great.

Being the best applicant can be hard. But with practice – and a positive state of mind – it is possible. Always have these tips in mind, to assure you of showing and being the best you can be. Hope you land the job!

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