Why Personality Tests are Conducted during Job Application

Why Personality Tests are Conducted during Job Application

How do you like to spend your free nights, alone or with friends? During gatherings, do you like talking with the whole group or with only one or two people? When you see a co-worker doing something that is against the company policy, do you confront them directly or do you tell them to the concerned authorities? These questions make up personality tests conducted during job application. A lot of people say what does what I do during my free time got to do with my application for this company.

Companies say that it is important to get to know the personality of the person that they will hire because they want to make sure that they are hiring the right person for the job. They want a person who will enjoy the work and will work well with their colleagues. Even if questions seem to be irrelevant, job applicants should be careful taking personality tests.

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The job applicant may be good in academics and may have impressive work background but if the values and attitude of the applicant doesn’t match the corporate values and the attitude of the people they will work with, however good they are, they will not produce good work for the company. Personality tests ensure that the person that will be hired will jive well with the corporate culture, the work and the co-workers.

When completing personality tests for job application, it is important that you give honest answers. You may give the wrong answers and the company might analyze you as this kind of person but in actuality you’re not that kind of person. They will put you in the position that they think will be perfect for your “personality”. Chances are, you will be hired but you will not stay for long because either you don’t like the work or you can’t get along well with the people in that work.

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Personality tests are done during the job application to ensure that the company will hire someone they can train and keep and grow with them. Companies don’t want to hire someone they don’t know. They would rather hire someone whom they know will match their company’s culture.

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