Why People Are Unemployed – 5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Hired

Why People Are Unemployed - 5 Reasons Why People Aren't Hired

Who Else Wants To Find Out Why People Are Unemployed?

Are you wondering why people are unemployed? Employers have very little to do with this, especially if the person has already had a few job interviews and screenings. So, what’s the deal? Maybe it’s not the person but what he does (these are two different things).

One of the most common mistakes that applicants do is to repeat them. Unfortunately, not all get to review their past interviews. They just keep on attending when they are scheduled. One should always mark the things they do during their interviews because here, you can see if you’re doing something wrong.

6 Common Job Hunting Mistakes – Are You Committing One Of These?

Clueless what these errors are? Here are some job interview mistakes and other types of job hunting errors that people (unconsciously) love to commit.

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  1. Whether it’s your cover letter, your resume and even your job interview, overusing the word “I” can be a total turn off for employers. You’re supposed to market yourself to them. You should make sure that you focus more on the company’s needs more than your own.
  2. It’s okay to stutter but doing brief pauses before answering a question as if you saw a ghost can make employers conclude that you haven’t rehearsed before coming in. Just in case, make a list of questions that might be asked. Afterward, make answers to these questions. This way, you don’t need time to think of the answer too much during the interview. But make sure you don’t memorize. That’s a different story.
  3. Being too idealistic may actually cause you to lose the job opportunity. You have to set goals that are not impossible to attain. You also have to impress the employers by being realistic and decisive.
  4. In the working world, being a Jejemon or using poor language is not funny. Time is too precious for them to waste on these antics. If your cover letter says something like “Can I apply poh?”” or “Me job opening poh ba kayo””, you have no chance of getting into the interview, let alone a reply. Be formal.
  5. Appearance matters. Forget all the things you heard about being yourself with your clothes. If the company wears jeans and shirts, that doesn’t mean you should slack off. If you want to impress, dress up! Wear smart casual attire.
  6. If you have emailed copies of your resume to a couple of companies and are just waiting to hear back, chances are you won’t get hired. Imagine, there are tons of people who are doing the same thing. What chances do you have? We’re not discouraging you to apply online. We’re just saying try other methods: network with friends and family or do walk-ins. Don’t be lazy! Improvise so you can get that job you want.
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