Why Looking for a Job Now is Best for Graduating Students

Why Looking for a Job Now is Best for Graduating Students

Notice your batchmates. Does it seem like they’re already searching for a job this early? Why should they? Graduation hasn’t even happened yet! Why are they so quick in looking for a job?

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Well, friend. What they’re probably doing is the best thing for fresh graduates such as yourself. Looking for a job as early as now will actually give you an edge over your competition. By the start of March, companies are already waiting for fresh graduates to flock to their offices. Take advantage of that because not everyone is doing the same. They’re all having a hangover from the pre-graduation fever.

Applying for a job early will also raise the chances of you being hired asap. Usually, employers who need applicants will hire as early as the February. And because everyone’s concentrated with schoolwork, no one’s applying. If you have time, you should pass resumes during this period or immediately after finals so your CV will be top of the list.

Looking for a job immediately after graduation is usually what people do. Because of this, it’s tougher to get the attention of employers. You’re all at the same level and are definitely saying the same things over and over. Worst case that can happen is that you’ll get feedback after a month and by that time, it’s already too late. It’s like running a marathon with all fresh grads in the country.

Another sad thing about this is that, when you apply during this time, job openings have already been filled. Instead of you receiving more opportunities for your career, you’ll end up competing with your fellow graduates. This is even more difficult especially if your chosen field isn’t as demanding as IT or Marketing. You should think for a while and weigh your options.

When you’ve thought about it and decided to give early applying a try, here are some tips you can use:

1. Have a Cover Letter – Although it’s probably like a broken record, having a cover letter is essential for this purpose. Don’t just send your resume with a blank message or what. Make sure you introduce yourself properly, acknowledge that you’re a fresh graduate. You should also mention there your free schedule so when they set up an interview, they’ll know when. Plus, never forget to mention when you’re available for work may it be April or May 2011. They like being informed ahead of time, instead of being surprised.

2. Prioritize the Interview – Make sure you don’t say yes to any other plan aside from academics. Prioritize your interview or if you must change your schedule, call the company ahead for time for a reschedule. All employers appreciate honesty and initiative. If you miss your interview, you’re on your way to becoming blacklisted in that company. Don’t let is happen.

3. Check Your Email Regularly – Employers don’t usually text you for an interview. They usually send an email. This is very essential information, especially for those who sent their resume online. Make sure that you check your email at least twice a day. For sure, you don’t want to open your email the next day, learning that you were scheduled for an interview. Be prepared.

4. Research on the Company – Don’t go unprepapred. Make sure that before you go to the interview, you know something about the company, even if it’s not that known in the country. You’ll certainly earn plus points by doing this and they’ll see that you have initiative. Speaking of initiative, having this will automatically put you in the company’s good side. As much as possible, bosses don’t like always having to tell their people what to do. This quality can actually be manifested as early as now.

Why Looking for a Job Now is Best for Graduating Students

These tips will surely help you. So, think about it. Consider looking for a job now to avoid all the competition and the slow feedback.

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