Top 3 Places to Find Student Jobs

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Student jobs make up the bulk of entry-level positions of the job market in the country. Students take advantage of the lenient age requirement set forth by different companies. Teenagers as young as 16 years old can get part-time jobs in the evening of during weekends. The top 3 places to find student jobs are clothing stores, restaurants and supermarkets.

Student Jobs

Clothing stores such as Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Eagle and Gap accept students for their part-time positions. The most common position for students at these stores are sales associates positions. They are the people that customers interactive with when they visit the store. They are expected to have a knowledge of the merchandise and a little flair for fashion.

Restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Chili’s are also establishments that provide opportunities for student employment. The students wait on tables or work at manning the cashier. Working at restaurants is a great way to harness the students’ people and customer service skills.

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Wal-mart, Target and CVS are just a few supermarkets that are offer student jobs. The positions are mainly for in-store. They provide excellent training and when their student employees graduate from college, they provide management training to help jump start the careers of the newly-grads.

If you are looking for student jobs, the first places to look are popular clothing stores, restaurants and large supermarkets. They are always hiring for entry-level positions and they welcome students with sense of responsibility and service.

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