Tips to Get through a Graveyard Shift

Tips to Get through a Graveyard Shift

The Philippines Call Center Industry is at its all-time high. You can actually see it with the thousands of applicants! It has probably got to do with the fast-paced work culture, the higher probability of career progression, and the often higher – then normal pay. But of course, with things these good, there always has to be a catch. And the call center’s main catch – and dread, for some – is the graveyard shifts. After all, no one wants to turn their days into nights. But its a sacrifice worth the rewards. So if you’re a call center agent having to push their days – in this case, nights – into hard earned cash, you may want to look into these tips.

Be active

Your body clock will turn topsy-turvy working the graveyard shift. That’s a fact! To help you adjust working at the most unholy hours, you’d need to keep your body and mind active. Simple exercises, such as stretching, will condition you to get through the dark of the night. Also, having to do mind-twisting puzzles – such as Sudoko or Crossword puzzles – will help you not daze off into the grind. It’s a hard life living as a call center agent, but by preparing yourself physically and mentally, you’ll get through the worst.

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Typical Filipinos have three major meals a day. For call center agents, these meals may be as muddled as the night. Don’t miss out on your daily intake of nutrients – even in the dark. Make sure to have a heavy meal before going to work. On lunch breaks, take in a balanced serving of greens. And if call center managers allow it, indulge on easy-to-eat snacks such as power bars. Having a balanced diet of nutrients, even at the unforeseen hours, will help you survive the call center floor.

Avoid Vices

It’s a common sight seeing call center agents indulging on smoke breaks. It may help relieve stress – especially when encountering irate or bad calls – but its benefits are nothing to the underlying negative impact on one’s health. Think of it this way – the higher the chance of you getting sick, the higher the chance of you missing out on work. And that’s a BIG NO working in the call center industry. Not only will you lose money skipping out on work, you may as well be next in line for termination!


Even with your body clock messed up, proper and enough sleep is needed to work the graveyard shift. It all depends on an individual’s preference. Some only need a few hours of sleep to get things going. No matter how many hours you do get to sleep, make sure you’re comfortable getting your shut-eye. Help yourself out by investing on dark curtains, to block out the sun when sleeping in the daytime. Also, you may want to tie-in together your exercise with sleep. A hard workout session may result in better sleep, for a more productive workload on your next shift.
Working the graveyard shift may be a hassle for some. But it’s a necessity to reap the awards out of the call center life. Remember these tips to assure you of making the most out of your work. And enjoy your calls – hope you enjoy your pay and get promoted soon!

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