Job Applications: Online versus Paper

Job Applications: Online versus Paper

Is it in with new and out with the old with job applications?

Job applications have evolved a lot during the past few years. When I first encountered those two words, it was connected to the thought of having your resumes printed and then sending them through snail mail. Then when I started looking for a job, the paper was already phased out; online job applications were in.

More and more companies are turning their backs to paper resumes and saying hello to the online world. They usually ask you to fill out an application form located on their website so that they have your personal profile on their database. Some companies tell their applicants that they’re no longer accepting paper copies of the applicant’s resume. Some give you the option to choose whether you want to fill up an online application or if you want to e-mail them your CV.

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Job applications are still job applications no matter what form it takes.

There are companies who accept any kind of application, not caring if it’s done online or if it’s handed personally.

The important thing is that you’re qualified for the job. It still boils down to you and how your CV reaches your might-be future employer. No matter what form it takes, job applications are still job applications.

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