International Jobs in the World Health Organization (WHO)

International Jobs in the World Health Organization (WHO)

We are all aware of the international goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide the most extensive health care for everyone. Their main functions are to control disease outbreaks, distribute effective drugs and medicines, and set standards regarding public health. If your career line is related, interrelated, or maybe not at all to providing health services, then getting a job at the World Health Organization (WHO) is one of your greatest choices.

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They are currently looking for qualified applicants on various WHO positions in the international level such as:

• Editorial Service Advisor

The position is a fixed-term appointment in a professional level. The advisor is responsible for tackling the current issues on public health care and press releases.

• Family and Community Health Advisor

Same as the Editorial Advisor, the term of appointment for family and community health advisor is also fixed. The
location is in Haiti. He is responsible for the promotion of health culture to the public and must also take part in the
implementation of technical cooperation of the organization towards their international partners.

• Account and Billing Officer

This job posting is for Malaysia. The billing or account officer must take the lead in the financial concerns of the organization. He or she must be an expert in time management, cost tracking development services, and operational management. The billing officer also needs to update the documents for ICT cost service centres.

• Team Lead of Information Technology (IT) Global Operaations

This opening is for Malaysia with a fixed-term agreement. The team lead is required to provide a cost efficient and high quality IT control and services. He or she needs to take part in creating a strategic plan for the system administration and operations of the organization.

• Librarian

The World Health Organization (WHO) also needs a librarian for cataloguing and indexing. They are looking for
advanced university librarian that could perform under standard control rules in connection to the tasks of information technology specialists.

These are just some of the international and professional jobs being offered by the World Health Organization. Being part of the biggest health organization in the United Nations would be a lot of help in your career growth. The competency level of the applicants must be high and that is the WHO’s requirement. So, start establishing your career with the World Health Organization and join the visual goals for a better public health. Land on a good WHO job now!

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