Gearing Up Towards Employee Productivity

Gearing Up Towards Employee Productivity

The sole purpose of hiring people to work for a particular company or organization is to get the job done in an orderly and productive manner. A high productivity rate among employees yield high returns to the company. And with this being said, employee productivity is indeed the core to a company’s growth.

Employee productivity has been a particularly major issue to managers and supervisors as the primary purpose of their job is to get the most out of the people they are responsible for. Some attributes employee productivity to monetary rewards, job security, and comfortable work place. But not all of these apply to every employee.

Here are some of the steps to follow in determining what contributes to one company’s
employee productivity:

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Arranging one-on-one meetings with every employee ranks first in the steps towards knowing what contributes to employee productivity. In doing so, the employer not only gets to know his employee better thus building rapport but also the attention being provided to his employee will give the employee a sense of importance and appreciation in the job he is performing.

A precise establishment of goals and objective to each employee depending on the task assigned to them helps the employee know the scope of what he or she is tasked to do and the target that he/she needs to achieve to meet the company’s requirements.

Developing a strong delegation process helps in determining employee productivity. Employers should know to which employee he should assign certain tasks to ensure that the person chosen to do the job will be able to do it well. This also allows employees to feel more trusted by their employers thus leading them to feel more fulfilled and motivated.

Assess employee behaviors instead of employee personalities. An employer’s opinions and decisions regarding employees should be based on behaviors toward goals, not on how popular certain employees are and how you
personally feel about them. This will then make it clear to employees that better performance is the only way in gaining recognition and promotion.

Act in a timely manner. The less time that elapses from an employee’s positive action or behavior and their being rewarded for it makes it clear to the employee and all his colleagues that that is exactly what you wanted to be done in the first place.

Celebrate achievements. Acknowledging and celebrating a solution to the problem can be as important as the solution itself thus making the employee feel more motivated in doing his tasks.

Employers and employees should work hand in hand in the company’s quest for progress. In this manner, a happy employee will be more productive thus establishing higher returns of profits to the company.

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