How to Answer Call Center Interview Questions

Things for Bored Teenagers

With so much information on the internet, so many shows on TV, lots of movies to catch on Netflix, lines of books in the bookshelves, friends waiting for your call, you still feel bored and you don’t know why. It can be a case of getting to much of a

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Fun Summer Jobs For Teenagers

Tips in Finding Summer Jobs for Teenagers Have nothing to do this summer? Willing to try something a fun summer job so you can earn on your own? There are different fun summer jobs for teenagers that are not just limited to babysitting or working part-time for a fast food

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To Our Dear Visitors, Happy New Year to each and every Filipino! This new year means new employment opportunities and the like. Being a newbie in the real world can be tough especially with the competition. But we know how you feel. With that, aims to provide each and

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